In this part of Gideälven are several fine stream stretches, including Långstrandsforsen and Hemlingsforsen.

Good fishing for grayling, but also trout and pike and perch in Selenium. Shelters and barbecue areas are at the rapids.

The surrounding area has many lakes with good fishing for pike and perch, including the Great Lake where there are boats for rent.

The area also has several lakes where there is release of trout and char, among others Mellanmovattnet, Lesser jacquette Angle Tarn, Black Sea and Solomon Tarn.

Gideälven included in Gideälvens Fishery Conservation and lakes in Storsjöbygdens fishing area.

Lakes and Species

Gideälven: trout, grayling, pike, perch, bream
Lillsickeln: stocked trout
Hemlingsån: grayling, trout, pike, perch
Lill Hemlingen: pike, perch, roach
Mellan Movattnet: implanting char
Storsjön: perch, pike, roach
Metartjärn: stocked trout
Svartsjön: stocked trout
Önskasjöns FVO: pike, trout, trout, perch

Boats and fishing gear

Hemlings FVO
Boat in Lill Hemlingen available (can not be booked in advance).

Storsjöbygdens FVO
Boat and motor are available to rent, electric / gasoline.
Anchor, life jackets, depth chart included.

Fishing rules

When buying a fishing license is spin fishing, fly fishing and angling is allowed from a boat in Lill Hemlingen and in the Storsjön.
In other waters comes to fishing from the shore. Fishing license is personal and Accompanying fishing. Minimum size is 25cm for grayling and trout.
Fishing guides are available to pre-book


Bring your own fishing equipment